Tara "Boom" Houston​


reg. no. 89137-4001-RR001

...touching some pretty special lives!

Tara "Boom" Houston


reg. no. 89137-4001-RR001

...touching some very special lives!

How to Apply

  1. Check our financial reach. 
  2. Child to be 17 & Under.
  3. Be the family that is in need of assistance.
  4. Email or post us a contact letter of request
    (see details).
  5. Taraboom will get back to you quickly!

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Tara Elizabeth Houston Age: 7 

Feb 16, 1995 – Feb 9, 2003

Donate Now!

“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life, that the more you give away to others, the more you get to keep for yourself”  
~ Author Unknown

Click here to conveniently & easily donate to Taraboom. Charity receipts are issued for amounts over $25.

Growing…. just like the sunflowers in Tara’s garden! The Tara “Boom” Houston Children’s Foundation, affectionately known now as Taraboom, is a living legacy to Scott & Sheri Houston’s beautiful daughter Tara. When you meet the Houston’s, feel free to ask them where the “Boom” came from and how lovingly those that knew Tara called her same.

Taraboom is a unique one of a kind foundation that is in place to directly assist families financially in unimaginable times.

Taraboom Vision

Taraboom’s vision is to help eliminate some of the financial barriers that may prevent or impede access to treatment and detract from the quality of life for these children and their families. 

Everyone needs hope, and helping families in our community is the hope of all of us at Taraboom.


Too much purple you think?

No way we say, and there is great reason behind us.

Everyone has a favorite and purple just so happened to be Tara’s favorite. Well with a side of silver too.

We have adopted this as the official colour of Taraboom and we’re loving it!

A Horse Named Buddy-Boom

A Wish Come True!


In Tara’s garden, she grew her sunflowers to the heavens…and YOU can too! Order your sunflower packets in time to start in the spring. Consider ordering a supply as a fundraising event. You and yours get beautiful sunflowers in your garden and help raise funds for Taraboom. Contact us with your interest and we will share the details with you!