About Us

Meet Scott, Sheri, Josh & Tara Houston with cuddly canine side kicks, Molly & Dixie. The “million dollar family” according to the urban dictionary – when a couple have one boy and one girl; the supposedly happy, perfect family. They truly were! 

Proud parents living the dream in rural St. Thomas when in August of 2022 the devastating news that their precious daughter Tara was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. Shock & unimaginable times for the Houston’s with the news that Tara wasn’t expected to survive this.

The news was delivered but never totally accepted as the Houston’s, their family and their friends made the most out of every single day with Tara while trying to the keep the strength to keep going. The community in which they called home rallied in support of Tara and her family and helped fundraise to send them all to Houston Texas for some promising treatment.

However once in Houston and with almost a month of treatments, Tara passed away at the sweet young age of seven to this monster. Heartbroken the Houston’s returned home and had to carry on.

It was important to Scott & Sheri that the funds raised for Tara, that inevitably were no longer needed, be returned some how to the community that helped them. That was the beginning of the Tara “Boom” Houston Children’s Foundation. A registered charity that was established in Tara’s name in March of 2003.

The Board of Taraboom

Taraboom is “staffed” by some pretty amazing people that have been with the Foundation since its beginning. It is their love of Tara, admiration of the Houston’s and their genuine desire to make a difference that has kept the Foundation strong and growing.

All positions within Taraboom are strictly volunteer and all involved are sharing their time and talents in “…touching some pretty special lives!”

Scott Houston

Founding Member

Sheri Houston

Vice President
Founding Member

Paula Chatterson

Founding Member

Cathy Hamilton

Founding Member

Alisa Devries

Family Coordinator

Arianne Elmauer


Rona Cobean

Caitlin Cobean Community Crusaders (Grey/Bruce)

Freda Feddema


Pam Devries


Lisa Steele